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07-04-2010 - 08:32:27
Thought I'd pop in and say "Hi".
25-06-2009 - 07:32:34
General Havok
OMG. i want one of these...
29-04-2009 - 04:30:41
Mike (Blitzkreig1010)
Hey DDL, nice site, I stumbled onto it when I was sending you a PM in TDO. I didn't even know you had a site until now. I'm glad to see that you put your graphic design genious to good use. Anyways, see you around the TDO forums.

aka, Blitzkreig1010
21-07-2008 - 09:59:53
Richard Parker
Hey! Nice site, I'm in the TDO - RMarx. Thought I'd say hi...Infected Mushroom are good! Very trippy...have you seen the fan video for converting vegetarians?
02-07-2008 - 12:33:02
Hello, nice site
14-02-2007 - 11:38:19
Creative Insanity
Hey Dred! where the TNR go huh! o
Ok.. who done it.. who removed that damn TNR huh
30-01-2007 - 01:27:15
Fuck you up !
26-01-2007 - 04:52:13
Tinus de Pinus de la Dystophian
Aaargh, Times New Roman!
24-01-2007 - 06:31:19
Proficiat met je site Heeeeel mooi
06-01-2007 - 05:27:19
Da DreadLord
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